Social Media, “Are you using it?”

Believe it or not we are on our phones and tablets more than ever in todays world. I before I go on I will say I’m one of those.

Smartphones and tablets are now part of us, our DNA and our new way of life. By 2016 2 billion people will have a smartphone, we love it and it seems we want more and the more we get the more we love.

What still amazes me is how much power they give us as a user. You can check the weather, you can see the latest headlines from around the world, check you emails, play games. You can still text and make phone calls; but for me you can get social.

We use so many platforms to get social every day, from taking pictures on SnapChat or Instagram to sending WhatsApp messages but one of the most important for me is Twitter.

Twitter at the moment has 302 million monthly active users, 500 million tweets are sent per day and 80% of Twitter active users are on smartphones.

Twitter is a great place to come together, to follower your friends, your interests. You can of course follow lots of famous people around the world and if your lucky interact with them. You can also follow businesses and this part I find so important.

When thing go well in life we like to tell people and that goes for when things go bad the same reaction happens, you tell people. Twitter is a great place for this and I see it every day being used for this. Now when we go somewhere nice like a day out or on holiday we like to share with our followers what we are doing and show pictures etc, if the location we are at have a Twitter account then we tag them in that tweet and this is great for that business. We are then advertising that company or location for them, for free. This is great business why would anyone not want great feedback and publicity.

Then you have the flip side, someone goes somewhere a hotel or a restaurant for example and they have a bad experience for some reason, now we are seeing people then pull there smartphones out and tell people about it and tag the said company or place should they have a twitter account. Sometimes they do this before they even speak to someone around the issues.

No my point, Social Media and “Are you using it?”

I would say yes as a lot of companies now embrace it very well, but are the smaller ones?

I will give you two examples, one being British Airways. They have to dat over 670,500 follower and follow over 35,500. Today they have sent over 275,300 Tweets and if you watch there timeline they are there 24hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. There social media team are on the ball and there to answer any issues they have when ever you have it. I also know from first hand when we last went away and flew with them to the Maldives I was one of those people that had a small issue and like I do I took out my phone and sent a Tweet to @British_Airways and in no time at all the replied and ask me to DM a private message to them, I told them the small issue and they were very helpful. I even got a phone call from the team while in the Maldives. This company has seen what Twitter is doing and have embraced it full to engage with there customers, when there customers want to.

Another great example is Duncan Bannatyne, Chairman of The Bannatyne Group. Now Duncan has seen the power of Twitter and has embraced it early on. He new that with Twitter he could talk directly to his customers anytime of the day  when he needed to. Even though he is always busy, he always find time to interact with his followers and customers and for a Chairman of a company to be doing this, its great. Not all Chairman of company’s do this at all.

They are two very small examples, for the small business are you using the power of Twitter fully? Do you advertise the fact you are on Twitter? If so, how? If you are on Twitter how well do you engage your customers? Do you have set people that monitor your page and help with tweets? Do you do promotional tweets to engage customers who share your page?

Lots of questions I know and lots to think about, but as a small business using Twitter is key to help you grow, to get you company out there, to talk to your customers. Also a point to help with customer problems and to welcome great feedback and to share that on your timeline.

Finally Twitter is a great tool for good and in many ways to get out there, use it and learn how to utilise it for good.

If you need any help or ideas or for me to over look on your twitter account then please drop me a line at scott@scottjanaway.co.uk or even send me a tweet @scottjanaway

Talk Soon.

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