The Battle to No 10.

Who was the winner?


I watched this last night as did a lot of the country I guess, it’s not really the sort of thing I watch as I’ve never really been into politics at all. But I did and I’m glad I did as I really enjoyed it for some mad reason, also with the online chat with a lot of people on Twitter following all the hash tags going on.

Now my views are simply that, my views. It may not always be right and every single person has there right to have there’s of course. But was it me or did Ed Miliband come across as some feeble little wimp to whom could not answer a question nor understand any questions that were put to him. He had not powerful present on the main platform that he himself asked to have with Dave Cameron and for me seeing the way he was I think to myself, How can this man run our country? I wouldn’t let him run a BBQ in my back garden.

I think it’s simple in a way and of course this is just my view. Our country is heading the right way in a lot of ways, David Cameron may of made a lot of promises at the start and may not of kept to them all but I feel he is doing a great job and must continue with it. If his work stops now so someone else starts on there path what will it hold for the UK.

However we look at it, it was a good watch and I look forward to the run up to the election.

What do you think, feel free to comment,

Talk soon,

Scott :-)    @scottjanaway


You can watch the whole program here on you tube.

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