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I love holidays and spending time away with my wife and we try to do it as much as possible, for us booking the right place to visit I key. I like to ensure everything we do is seamless and runs as perfect as possible.

Location is key as is the flight, but what most people sometimes forget is the travelling to the airport and of course parking the car. Now there are many places to park with many companies offering a service, so which one do you choose?

For me the holiday starts when we leave the front door of our house so the drive and parking the car is very important, there is nothing worse than a bad drive to the airport parking.

Our last trip was a short break to Barcelona in June for three nights so planning was key to make sure we got the most from our break. We had great flights and a lovely hotel to stay in, so why shouldn’t the car parking be rated the same.

So we booked Cophall Parking at Gatwick airport and went for the full Meet and Great service. They do also offer a full Park & Ride service but I wanted to drive straight to the airport door to save a little time.

Its so simple and easy to book, there website is great and the social media side is perfect and used well.

On the day of arrival I booked to meet them at the airport at 8:30am but me being me I left home a little early as to make sure we never hit any bad traffic, 30 minutes away I called Cophall to let them know I was going to be around 1 hour early for the Meet & Great but his was no problem for them.

When we arrived there was only a few minute before a pleasant chap turned up, this giving us time to short our things out and to do the normal checks like you do, bags and passports, wallet etc. We got a warm greeting from Cophall’s team member, he full explained everything we needed to know about our return as to what we had to do and gave me a card with the companies phone number on, he also spent a few minutes having a look around the car for his paper work so he could mark the condition of my car, this safe guards the customer and of course the company. He didn’t keep us too long as it was cold, it was simple and straight forward just what I like and with in a few minutes we were in the airport.

On our return it was just as easy and simple, after a flight sometimes you just don’t really want to walk to a bus stop, wait for a bus then take a drive to the car park. That’s were the beauty of Meet & Greet comes in, once off the plane it was a short walk to passport control so I made the call to say we would not be long with that they said our car would be on the way to meet us. What I didn’t know and was about to find out as I walked around the corner was border control only had 5 desks open to get through what I could see was over around 700 people or more so I knew then that it may take a little longer and of course once in the queue I lost all phone signal to let Cophall know I may be a little longer than first said. So a little tip make sure you call when they tell you to in baggage collection.

Still after a little delay and with only hand luggage we were out the main doors and just across the road I could see my car waiting for me. With no busses to get and keys to collect I found this the best way be far and less stressful. Within a few minute of the Cophall team member handing me back my car we was back on the road.

cophall1Looking at the company they have been doing this for 30 years, they offer a great service with friendly staff and like I said before they also do the Park & Ride so you can chose to what suits you. For me I think it will always be Meet and Greet from now on and all the time we fly out of Gatwick I shall now always be using Cophall Parking. This is a 5 Star service from a great company.

For more information go to there web site www.cophallpakinggatwick.co.uk or there email is reservations@cophallparking.co.uk There contact number is 01342 712779.

Keep checking their web site for more information and current offers they may have. If you’re on social media you can also find them on Twitter @cophallpaking here they are always tweeting about news and offer codes, so don’t miss out on them.

So you guys off to Gatwick soon make sure you book Cophall Parking and tell them if you like my name and where you found out about them.


Happy holidays….


Talk soon


Scott :-)


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General Election - Documents Stock

Household Wealth Risen.

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Household wealth has risen by the largest amount in more than a decade – with soaring property prices and financial markets behind the increase, a report claims.

Over the past 12 months, household wealth nationwide grew by 19% – the equivalent of £1.5tn, research from Lloyds Banking Group suggests.

Such a considerable increase has not been seen by the bank since records began in 2001.

Rising house prices have played a considerable role in the boost to wealth levels, with the cost of a typical property increasing by 9% over the course of 2014.

The value of financial assets has also doubled in the past decade – with stocks and shares, pensions, government bonds and bank deposits now accounting for 61% of a household’s wealth.

Markus Stadlmann, the bank’s chief investment officer, said: “Since 2004, substantial growth in the value of housing stock and financial assets has boosted net household wealth by close to £4tn.

“A booming housing market up to 2007 coupled with the rising value of households’ financial assets held and a growing number of older households are the key drivers.”

Household wealth is calculated by deducting a family’s debts – such as the monies owed on credit cards and mortgages – from the total value of their assets, including their house, savings, shares and pensions.

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your business

Your business on my site.

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As part of my new site blogging and reviews, I want some of your business on here too. Would you like to see you business on this site, I’m going to give you the chance to write about your business yourself.

What you have to write about:

1) Whats your business?

2) What do you offer and about you.

3) How do customers contact you?

4)Send me a banner like the one above for eBosh so I can link to your site.

You may add you site and contact details and I shall connect the link to your web site.

To be in with a chance email me scott@scottjanaway.co.uk with a reason why you would like to be on this page. Of course at this stage there will be no charge at all as my site is brand new, so its 100% free and your business will stay on the site for life. Sound good, well what you waiting for email me know.

Good luck, Talk soon,

Scott :-) @scottjanaway

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