East Langdon phone box is transformed into a public library.

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East Langdon is a beautiful little village between Dover and Deal, it’s a place we all dream about living in and enjoying the country life with the small village green and the local church all with a great neighbourly spirit.

Well my mother in law happens to live here and has done so some good few years, at the end of her cottage was a fully used phone box, the good old famous red box. Remember those days when you would search for some change to make a call to a friend or family member, the days before mobile’s; lovely. BT pulled out of this box a few years back so it stood empty as the phone with push buttons was taken away. I say push buttons as I’ve never seen a touch screen phone box yet.

Olive, my mother in law got together with the parish council to discuss her idea and BT offered to sell it to them for £1.00. The library was born.

Olive now runs and fully looks after the library, which has children’s books, adult books, magazines, paperbacks and the odd knitting patterns. All monies raised back to the village parish to help with the yearly fund raising.

The library get’s a lot of attention throughout the summer with the passing locals and even tourist from as far as Australia to whom stopped to take pictures.

IMG_6273 IMG_6281

This is a great idea and is now seen up and down the country in villages alike, you may even have one in yours and you don’t know it. Next time your out and about  have a look and let me know if you come across one.

Talk soon

Scott :-) @scottjanaway

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Olive in the library